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Book a Booth - 

Single Artist Booth (2m x 2.25m

To book a booth you will first need to submit details of all the Artists working on your Booth. Please put in full links to your social media, so we can promote you.


*You are required to enter your tattoo license or registration number and the name of the issuing council or local authority you usually tattoo in for records.  If you cannot fill that in those fields in this moment, or if you tattoo in a territory that doesn't issue licenses / reg numbers (Ireland for example), Enter 0000 as the number and  'TBC' as the issuing council.

Studio Details:

Lead Artist Details:

Please input the full URL ie: Https://www....

Terms & Conditions

By completing this form you are instructing us to proceed to order and use your pay for your booth construction, furniture, electrics, and clinical waste facility for the show. Once you have completed this form you agree that if you cancel within 6 weeks of the show, your full booth payment for all ordered artists will be due by show date, whether you choose to attend or not. You are agreeing you have permission to contract on behalf of the artists named in the application and that you fully understand the Terms and Conditions of attendance - for a full list of T&C click HERE

Your details have been submitted

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