Best Traditional / Neo Traditional

Best Oriental

Best New School / Avant Garde (Any new style)


Best Realism

Best Blackwork / Dotwork

Best Of Day (Saturday)



Best Small Black & Grey

Best Small Colour


Best Large Black & Grey

Best Large Colour

Best Of Show


You'll find entry forms at the show by the ticket desk. To register for competitions, go to the Total Tattoo stand

located in the foyer and ask for a form. All entries must be registered by 4pm of the day of the category. 

Category entry: 

Each tattoo can only be entered into a maximum of 2 categories, and a seperate

form must be filled out for each category entry.

Best Of Day Competitions: 

These tattoos MUST be started and finished at the show, on the day of entry.
Tattoos done over more than one day DO NOT qualify for this competition.

If a tattoo does not meet these guidelines, it will be eliminated from the category.


Best Of Show competition:

Best of Show incorporates all tattoos completed on Sunday and all tattoos completed on Saturday that wish to enter. Only tattoos started and finished at the show on either day can enter.
Style Categories: 

Entries such as Oriental, Traditional, and Blackwork / dotwork will be judged on style and not content.

For instance, you enter Oriental with a tattoo that is Oriental in content (Tigers head, Samurai, Geisha) if it is executed in any other style other than Oriental, it will not qualify.


Size categories:

Small Colour and Small Black & Grey entries must not exceed in size an A4 sheet of paper.

Large Colour and Large Black & Grey entries must exceed in size an A4 sheet of paper.


New School / Avant-Garde Category:

This category is all tattoos that don't fit into other categories.

Tattoos that mix styles and techniques, unique and original designs etc.

The Judging will be performed by independent judges who have have extensive

and qualified experience in judging tattoos. Their judgement is final.


Judging will be fair as possible. All judges have been instructed to look at the

following elements (where applicable) of each tattoo presented, as well as their

own personal criteria as to what makes a good tattoo.

  • - Initial Impact (reaction to first viewing)

  • - Composition

  • - Readability (How clear the tattoo is in terms of imagery)

  • - Contrast

  • - Placement on the body (How it fits the body)

  • - Linework

  • - Shading / Colour blending

  • - Saturation

  • - Lastability (How will the tattoo look in years to come)

  • - Originality / Creativity (not a factor in Portrait / Realism category)

  • - Individual Judges own criterea

Bigger does not necessarily mean better.


The execution of the above criteria across the tattoo should win the day!